Monday, June 10, 2013

Voting Underway - And an Alternative Expression

Yesterday, June 9, we had our first of two voting opportunities for Project Caleb.  The motion that was voted on is listed below for your information.  The Official Board in response to the concern about those who would like to vote but for various reasons cannot, have offered this avenue for expression.

If you are not able to attend the next one on Thursday, June 13 at 7 PM at the church you may express your level of support yourself in the following way. As stated below it cannot be counted as an official vote but it will be used to help the church understand your interest in the project and level of support.  Please use the following format.  This expression must be into the church anytime this week before Thursday at 7 PM.

Thanks for your interest in Trulls Road Church and we look forward to announcing the results of the vote this coming Sunday, June 16.

Project Caleb Expression of Support
Trulls Road Free Methodist Church
June 9 & 13, 2013
This form allows you to express your interest and support level for the proposed major expansion at Trulls Road Free Methodist Church if you are not able to attend one of the two Society Meetings on June 9th or 13th.  Since our guiding, governing document does not allow for absentee voting, (reference The Manual of the Free Methodist Church in Canada, Paragraph 315), the Trulls Official Board is upholding this practice and yet has made provision for a general expression of support.  It will be assumed that you are up to date on the scope of the project and have prayerfully considered the motion that is coming before the membership.  These expressions will help in indicating the overall support for or against the project.  Please note, this expression will not be counted as an official vote.  This form may be used by either members or adherents of Trulls.  The results will be noted after the member’s vote is announced.  No names will be publicly released, only a summary of the support for or against the proposed motion.  Please print your name, sign this form and return it to the church by no later than 7 PM on Thursday, June 13, 2013.  These forms will only be viewed by the elected tellers and will be destroyed right after they are counted.  Email versions are acceptable.  Please send your copy to Thanks for your understanding in this matter. 

I am in favour of the proposed motion.    Yes _______       No________

Name:  (Printed) ___________________________ 

Signature: _____________________________

 Proposed Project Caleb Motion
by the Official Board of Trulls Road Free Methodist Church
for approval June 9 and 13, 2013.
The Official Board, affirming the recommendation of the Project Team, hereby invites Trulls Road FMC to expand our current facilities.  The following five parts make up the foundation for the vote of approval on June 9 and 13, 2013.

1.    Part A:  The conceptual drawings and plans proposed to the congregation (as prepared by HS Architect) at the June 2 and 6, 2013 meetings will provide the basis for the following actions: 
a.    Detailed plans to be drawn up which will provide for accurate budgetary figures for all aspects of the project, both construction costs and that which is known as soft costs, (those things outside of the actual building construction costs.)
b.    Applications to be made to the Town of Clarington for both a Site Plan Agreement Amendment and a Building Permit at the appropriate times.
c.     Prepare to proceed with a Capital Giving Campaign in the fall of 2013 .
d.    Selection of a suitable builder.
e.    Construction to start in the Spring of 2014 pending a successful giving campaign and as soon as weather permits.  
2.    Part B:  That the overall budget set for this project is not to exceed $1.6 million dollars.
3.    Part C:  It is understood that TRFMC by virtue of approving this expansion is hereby committed to undertaking a mortgage to help finance the project on an as needed basis depending on the amount raised and the timing thereof.  A Project Caleb Capital Giving Team will give leadership to the details of a Giving Campaign which includes a financing plan to be presented in detail as a part of the Campaign. 
4.    Part D:  We are grateful that nearly $500,000 is being held in our current building fund which will be applied to this project.  Therefore, the total $1.6 M needed is reduced by this amount at the outset making the Giving Campaign Goal approximately $1.1 M.
5.    Part E:  The final step of approval will come after the Giving Campaign which allow the Official Board to propose the full extent of the expansion depending on the amount of financial support received and pledged. 

Motion:  Making every effort to honour God and give Him glory in the process of expanding our facilities, it is moved that TRFMC approve the conceptual plans as presented on June 2 and June 6, 2013 along with a proposed budget figure of ‘not to exceed $1.6 Million’, and to proceed as per the above five part preamble.

Voting Procedure:  As per the Manual of the FMC, absentee voting is not permitted by Society Members.  We therefore encourage as many as possible to attend one of two possible dates to vote.  Either June 9 or June 13 will be duly called Society Meetings in order to allow for the maximum number of people to vote. Attendance will be taken at both meetings to ensure one vote per member.  The total vote cast will be announced on June 16 during the morning service and published on our Project Caleb blog. 
Required Support:  The Official Board has set the level of support for Project Caleb at 2/3rds (two thirds) of the members voting.  However, it is anticipated that there will be a significantly higher level of support demonstrated.
Free Methodist Church in Canada Approval:   All building projects must also receive the approval of the Board of Administration of the FMC in Canada.  A formal application will be made pending the results of the Society Meeting vote by the Official Board.

We appreciate your attendance for this important decision in the life of Trulls.  Please continue in prayer.
Hope to see you at either the June 9 or June 13 voting occasions.

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