Thursday, October 10, 2013

Campaign Total Announced

Praise God for His Goodness to Trulls Road Free Methodist Church!

Here is an update on the funds pledged over the last two weeks. Thanks to all who contributed towards Project Caleb.

What an amazing Journey to the Promise Land we have been on!

Funds on Hand as of July 2013                     $ 490,000

Advance Leader's Pledges 09/26/13             $ 438,690

Congregational Pledges 10/06/13                 $ 542,573
Grand Total as at 10/06/13                        $ 1,471,263

Project Caleb Proposed Budget                 $ 1,650,000 *
(* Includes anticipated interest charges on a short term mortgage.)

Difference (approximately)                         $ 179,000

Further updates will happen along the way to indicate the total of cash and pledges.  

We are celebrating and praising God these days believing the balance will be raised as we move toward plans to build in the spring of 2014.  

Thanks again to everyone for your support!

Another Note of Thanks!

On October 16 the Project Team will be meeting with our architect, Henry Swinkels and our newly selected builder, represented by Lawson Gay, of Gay Construction in Courtice. We are looking forward to having a great working relationship within this Team.

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