Thursday, March 6, 2014

March 6, 2014 Update

The Annual Meeting which was held on Feb. 9 was a good update from our architect Henry Swinkels.

The design features were updated from Henry's laptop as he was showing the "work in progress" status and outlined several adjustments in the design over the past look.  All these both aid in the layout and in the budget - that is, we think they will reduce the overall costs.

This week we anticipate some updated drawings from Henry which we will post when we get them.

Plans are also underway to launch a new Team called the Construction Team (creative name, eh?!) to help serve Trulls during the period of construction by being on site and working on the details of any pieces left to Trulls to manage outside of the builder's contract with us.  More details on this to come as well - the Team is still in the selection process.

Site plan work is still underway with the Town and as soon as that is firmed up then we hope to prepare for a building permit.

Our next big date is tentatively set for May 4 when we will have a ground breaking ceremony as well as a day to bring in our Project Caleb Banks - to empty them out and start another round of savings. Mark your calendars now and plan to be here for that day!

There is still room for donations to the Journey to the Promise Land Campaign - if you'd like more info please call or drop as a line.

Have a great week - continue in prayer for good work to be done in all these areas moving forward.

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