Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Town Hall - June 24, 2012

Today we had approximately 140 attend our first Town Hall Meeting regarding the possibility of a new MPR (multi-purpose room). Pastor Brian gave a 25 minute presentation and then there was about 25 minutes of questions and comments. After the meeting we had 41 people leave their completed surveys, 78 green dots and 4 red dots showed up on the floor plan poster and a great BBQ lunch outside with only a few drops of rain. Thanks to all for the comments and questions and for your willingness to express yourselves in a genuinely sincere manner. As mentioned at the meeting we are at the preliminary stages of this discussion in many ways. It might be good to mention that lots of work by the Board and in particular two men on behalf of the Board, Dennis Gunter and Jim Best, has been done so far in making contact with a variety of businesses and sources so that we could even get to today and be able to present something with a level of awareness of basic issues. We will attempt to fill you in along the way with more detail and try to offer some kind of Question and Answer format here with the blog at times. We realize that some are processors and others are more willing to offer an early response. Please know that we are wanting to take time to hear from you all - the response today is only meant to give the Church Board some kind of indication as to the benefit of doing more research and study. A very strong "Red Dot No" this-not-a-good-idea would have told us to be careful about how much time we set aside in our upcoming effort. The Church Board meets June 25 so we will be in touch again after that with our sense of direction regarding next steps. Til later, have a great evening. We must say how many comments there were at lunch too about the wonderful service today with the baptisms... looking forward to many more of those times in the life of our church. Thanks to John and Jim for setting up the baptismal this week. Pastor Brian

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