Friday, July 6, 2012

Church Board Follow Up - Post June 24!

On June 25th, the Church Board met to review the responses from the Town Hall Meeting and would like to offer this update. First, thank you very much for the responses we have received to date. Please feel free to send in your feedback surveys over the next week or so – if you don’t have one, more are available at the Welcome Centre. As you may have seen over 80 ‘initial responses’ were placed on the poster in the lobby - 78 were green and 4 were red. There were over 40 surveys handed in last Sunday and more have come in during the week. Already we are receiving some very helpful feedback and ideas. These dots were meant to say YES continue with the exploration of the idea – “Green” or NO we do not sense this is a good time to proceed or a good project to consider – “Red”. The dots were not meant to indicate, go ahead with the proposed design from last Sunday. If you haven’t already done so, please feel free to add your sticker to the poster as well. We are looking for more input from you over these summer months. We hope to gather together some ‘Focus Groups’, smaller gatherings, to discuss the concept and provide further interaction and ideas. Watch for details of these times to come. We also want to remind you of the upcoming prayer gatherings, specifically about the proposed idea to expand. Please plan to come to one or more of these summer evening prayer times at 7 PM – July 10 & 24 and August 14 & 28, all Tuesday evenings. More times to pray and discern the Lord’s direction will be held as we move into the fall. The Church Board is in the process of forming a Project Team, a group of gifted individuals who will handle the major dimensions of such a project should it go forward. We will be introducing this team in the near future. In the meantime a special thank you to Dennis Gunter, Jim Best and Peter Hogenbirk who have been very helpful in doing research to this point. Let us all continue to pray about this potential expansion – for clarity, discernment, guidance and unity going forward. Please be in touch with the Church Board at any time. Posted by Pastor Brian.

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