Tuesday, December 10, 2013

December 2013 Updates

Town Site Plan Application: 
Please be in prayer over these next three weeks as we await a formal response from the Town of Clarington on our site plan amendment application. We would really like the response to be back to us before Christmas which will help our architect move forward with his work.   

Final Drawings:  
After the comments are back to us we can begin to work on final drawings - hopefully to have them completed by late January.  Some updates to the layout are being considered. These proposed changes will be on the agenda for the Project Team meeting on December 11.

Budget Considerations:  
The Project Team, Henry Swinkels (Architect) and our builder, Gay Construction meet December 11 to review the proposed budget.  Our overall goal is $1.6 Million but as with all projects there are items that may end up costing less or more. We are working hard to try to keep within this proposed budget target.

Building Permit Application:
Once the final drawings are done, a building permit application is next.  Our goal is to be ready to build in April of 2014 when the frost is out of the ground. 

Mortgage Arrangements:
Knowing that we have to secure a short term mortgage to finish the expansion it is important to find a lending institution that we can work with and provide this kind of service. Representatives from the the Official Board and the Project Team reps met this past week with a lending group to determine if this might be a possibility.  From the initial meeting it appears to be a good fit.  Details are yet to be worked out of course but the rates being offered are very favourable and the repayment terms quite flexible. We anticipate bringing these details to the Society Meeting in February 2014.  

Journey to the Promise Land Campaign Update:
Thank you to all who have been faithful in fulfilling your pledges so far. Since October 6, $162,672.00 has come in towards Project Caleb for which we are very thankful and offer up praise to the Lord!  We are excited to announce that pledges now exceed $1 Million towards our goal.  If you are interested in joining the Journey and making a donation or a pledge please contact Debi Gunter or Louise Gowdy in the Church Office for a Campaign Brochure.  

Thanks for your support and interest in Project Caleb.  If you have any questions or would like someone to visit with you to explain things in more details, please be in touch.  Pray that the proceedings would go smoothly and be accomplished in a timely fashion.  Already we are seeing God provide great connections for us putting us in touch with the right people at the right time.  

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