Saturday, January 4, 2014

2014 Begins!  A Update on Events Heading into the New Year.

So much has happened since last January with Project Caleb at TRFMC. We are sure there will be much more to report on throughout this year too.  We are on a Journey to the Promise Land.

January 8 is an important date.  The Project Team meets with the architect and the builder to review the details of the project, especially in regards to budgets and design.

The Town of Clarington is preparing responses to our application to amend the Site Plan Agreeement.   We hope to hear back early in January as to what is yet to be addressed.

It is anticipated that we may be in a position to submit our building permit application in February after final drawings are completed.  This would hopefully lead us towards an early April ground breaking ceremony.

On another front we have a very good lead on a potential lending institution for our short term mortgage arrangements.  Stay tuned for more details on this as we move ahead.

A big shout out to all who have pledged and who are contributing to the Building Fund.  So far over $1 Million in pledges has been made and as of December 29, 2013 -- $217,974.35 has been received. We give thanks to the Lord for such a strong show of support.  If you would like to contribute or pledge at any time please call the church office for more information.  905-436-2300.

Finally, our year end numbers are still being worked on but we do know that $478,047.00 was received towards our general budget for 2013 - well over our proposed budget of $459,000.  PTL!

Will keep you posted along the way as we have more updates to PROJECT CALEB.

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