Saturday, May 31, 2014

Ground Breaking and Bank Day a Fabulous Day May 25, 2014!

The weather was gorgeous for our day outside after the morning service as we turned some sod and announced the totals in from our first Bank Day!  Photos below are some of the great banks - and sod turning photos to come.  

Special thanks to those who came to help us celebrate  - Mayor Foster and Councillors Joe Neal and Mary Novak from Clarington Council.

Bank Day provided over $5600 from our Banks...  Thank the Lord and each of you and especially those who decorated their banks.  Many of which were really quite creative and special.

Here are just a sampling of the banks:

Photos are in order of the decorated banks from:
 Bruce Anderson, Megan London, Jean Osborne, Dulcie McConnell, Leah Crawford, The McEwen Girls: Tammy Ava and Olivia.

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