Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Society Approves with 95 % vote May 4, 2014.

It was great to see the level of support for going forward with Project Caleb this past Sunday.  104 our of 109 votes cast were "YES" for an increased budget.  So let the digging begin!

Plans now are to meet the final conditions of our contract with the Builder and to begin to build as soon as permits are made available.  All going well we anticipate this being the week of May 19.  PTL.

Thanks to all who expressed their support either as a member or as an adherent at Trulls.  You can still send us in an Expression of Support form found below on the April 29 post.  It simply is away to communicate if you missed the meeting on Sunday.

We also announced that over $145,000 new funds were pledged over the last two weeks or so towards making up the gap for the increased project budget.  If you haven't yet pledged by all means we would love to receive a pledge in the near future.  Pledge forms available from the Church Office or on the April 29 post as well.

Below is a fun little DIY video for our Project Caleb Banks.  Take a look and be sure to plan on bringing in your Bank on May 25th.

That is also our planned Ground Breaking Celebration Day.  All the action begins shortly after the service that day around 11:30 a.m. More details to follow.

Project Caleb Bank DIY Video

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