Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June 17 Update:  It's beginning folks!!!

Good bye white house - take a look at pics below....  it came down last Friday and yesterday and today we are looking towards some excavation to begin on the foundations.

Prior to this we had our official ground breaking ceremony - a picture of the 12 Sod Turners is included.  Including:

Charter Member - Pauline Breault

Doug Holland - a member who has worked on the 1975 build and the 1989 addition.

Lawson Gay - President of Gay Construction our Project Managers

Brian Bell - Lead Pastor

Annette Smith - Director of Children and Youth

Rev. Keith Taylor - retired FMC pastor who attends Trulls and provided one of the two shovels - the one he used in 1965 to turn sod for the expansion project in Saskatchewan.

Mary Novak - Regional Councillor - Clarington

Joe Neal - Local Councillor - Clarington

Peter Hogenbirk - Member of the Project Team

Ken Burgess - Member of the Construction Team

Ross Batten - Project Manager for Trulls

Mike Drew - Project Manager for Gay Construction

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