Friday, June 27, 2014

June 27, 2014

Nice Day - Not Much Work Getting Done!

So here's the latest this week.  Great weather today to be working - a tad hot but dry for sure!

However, we need our gas line to the property shut off so we can get the excavations going full speed ahead.  It appears the lead time for a shut off can be 4 weeks.  Ouch!  Pray that the timeline would be quick.

This impacts other things like the sewer hook-up, the water lines, and the removal of the septic system.
We also had a request from the Ministry of Labour to check the building for any potential harzardous materials like asbestos so we have to get an inspection done too.

And we need a framer for the project.  So far we have had trouble lining one up and they of course are very busy just now.

Usual stuff for construction, right? - Bu it sure would be good to see some more action...  Lift up these requests in prayer this weekend please!

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