Friday, July 4, 2014

July 4, 2014

Some Good News Stories!  

1)  Site Plan Amendment has verbal approval now and within a few days should be issued by the Town of Clarington.  This should allow us to finalize our full building permit.

2)  We have a framer booked in now so that is great.

3)  We have hired a consulting firm to do our Designated Substances Survey - hoping we don't have a lot to deal with out of this study.  Nasty things like asbestos, etc.

4)  We should be able to next week see the excavators working on digging the foundations and footings ditches etc.

5)  Gas line is not yet disconnected but hopefully soon.

6)  We are moving to Lydia Trull School for July 13 - so do plan to go there not to 2301 Trulls Road.  10 a.m. start time.

7) If you are available to help with set up and take down at the School please let Debi Gunter know at 905-436-2300 or

8)   We can use the offices during construction times so the church office will be open 9-4 Monday to Friday.

9) Pastor Brian's office had to be moved - so he is now in the Library.  You can still access the Library either on Monday's or by appointment with Debi G.

10)  We have a few things as first come first served.  Two stoves, the wing back chairs from the lobby (pink ones)  and some VHS tapes!

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