Saturday, August 23, 2014

August 23, 2014

Take a look at what is happening now! WOW!  After a delayed start things are rolling now.  We are just about ready to install the final line in for the new sewer connection; we can then do the forms for the footings; inside already we have had the demolition crew working on removing sections that are not needed.  Thankful to God for safety so far and a good relationship with our builder Gay Construction.
It would be great to see a week or two of nice days and no rain to help us along just now.  It's really taking shape though - you can now envision the kinds of new space we will have.  Hope the pics help - til next time...

                        Old front steps to 1975 building coming down!
                          Balcony is all gone!
     Front of Sanctuary was not possible to save in order to add the wings and make it all work!
             Excavation work - nearly done - pray the rain steers clear!
           Basement floor up, wiring stripped out, openings to new wing sections getting prepared, see next pic.

      Exisitng kitchen gets a remodel job!  This is where the stoves used to sit.

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